Our Baby Boys Are Here

We got quite the surprise on the 25th of January when I went into preterm labour. For the safety of Andrew (he wasn’t growing), the boys were delivered via emergency c-section on the 27th of January. They just just managed to get to 32 weeks gestation at that time. Daniel and Andrew are both doing well, as am I.

Daniel spent four weeks in the NICU and Andrew five and a half weeks. They were both on oxygen for a tiny bit in the beginning, but breathed pretty well on their own so it was only for a few days. They were also under the lights for jaundice for a few days. Both of them had to be put on antibiotics for sepsis, and Andrew was on a course of antibiotics for quite a while longer.

He’s probably going to be our little bookworm, they only realised he had an infection when they did his blood work, because all he did was become a little quieter. He also had to fast for a few days because he had tummy issues, the name of which I can’t remember now, but it’s pretty common for prem babies.

So while they are now almost two and a half month old chronologically, they’re about a week and a half in adjusted age. We will need to measure all their milestones by their adjusted age.

By now I’ve healed up and gotten the all clear to exercise again, which I’m doing slowly. Thankfully, they’ve moved onto four hourly feeds at night, because the three hourly feeds around the clock made for seriously sleep-deprived parents.

Paul helps me out at every feed during the night. They’ve started formula at night because I can’t quite keep up with the demand, but they’re still on breastmilk during the day. I feed them both via the bottle because Daniel would have needed top-ups anyway. He was on the boob exclusively for about 5 days and when we saw the paed for a routine check up, it turned out he didn’t gain enough weight.

So I thought screw it. With the bottle I know exactly how much he’s drinking and now he’s back on track. The exclusively pumping thing is annoying, but honestly, I don’t enjoy breastfeeding either. I only put Daniel on now when I have a blocked duct, since he is great at unblocking them.

Anyway, this way it’s easy for people to help. And as a mom of twins, I rarely turn down help. We get a night nanny in twice a week so Paul can sleep since he needs to work. And my neighbour helps me when she is able to during the day so Paul can work. Sometimes friends come over to help too. My mom in law was also here for just over a month to help.

I realise that I’m in a very blessed position. Not everyone has a husband who is willing and/or able to help out so much. Not everyone has friends and family that can help out. And not everyone can afford a night nanny at all.

But I will take my blessings. I am very grateful, because it’s hard. I take my hat off to all the other parents, especially single parents or those who are alone during parts of the day seeing to infant twins.

I go to counselling every two weeks and I’m on espiride to help. Because my anxiety and feeling overwhelmed were out of control. If you’ve just had a baby and are struggling, there is no shame in getting help. You need to take care of yourself to be there for your baby/babies.

I do realise I still have quite a few pregnancy updates outstanding. It was a lot to be pregnant, keep working, and feeling tired because of it all those last few weeks. But I will release a general update along with pictures soon. The boys still nap quite long, so while I have the time, I will try to maximise on it. Some days after really rough nights I still need naps, and there is a home to keep somewhat tidy. They still feed 2.5 to 3 hourly during the day.

It can get monotonous, so I appreciate the times I get to go out and when people come over. The journey has only just begun. And this is a lifelong journey now. But for sure, the baby baby stage is a rough one. I look forward to when I can stop pumping, and when they sleep through the night, when they start laughing and smiling.

There is a lot to look forward to, both in their development and in life in general. On the days when things feel tough and get me down, I try to remember that. All prayers are appreciated, and thank you for any of you who prayed for us as I posted updates.

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