Twin Pregnancy Update: Week 18 and 19

Sooo, it’s been a while. Honestly, for a few weeks, I just needed to take a break. But the last two weeks have had pregnancy brain to blame. I wiped my hard drive and then reinstalled the necessary apps and whatnot again. However, I couldn’t remember the email address I had created for use with my blog. I had created it when I went onto my own domain.

If you’re anything like me, you will hopefully have some compassion. I forget my passwords all the time! Whether pregnant or not. All the passwords to things that aren’t super sensitive, I have my browser or the app save them. But for sensitive things, I have a password keeper. However, I didn’t think this email address was something I needed to do that for.

I also didn’t expect to forget the actual email address! I was locked out of that email account, locked out of my blog, my Canva which I use for work but will occasionally use for the blog too. Anyway, the lightbulb finally came on and here we are.

So without further ado, here is my week 18 and 19 update, finally!

Week 18


During this week, my ribs really started to feel uncomfortable sometimes. I figured it’s my growing uterus (at the anatomy scan we saw that they like to rest their heads behind my ribs). I was definitely expanding.

My one friend lent me some of her old preggy clothes, which I really appreciated. You can see the jeans in the image. It’s so nice to have pants that stay up.

Speaking of expanding, I ran out of tissue oil and was just using Happy Event lotion. That stuff isn’t nearly as effective for the itching. I prefer the tissue oil (Bio Oil or B.O.N).

It’s also around this time that my vanity kicked in. Most days I’m fine about my tummy, but one day that week, I looked at myself in the mirror without my clothes on and just felt so ugly. It’s quite amazing, because I keep getting compliments about how beautiful I am and how beautiful/cute my bump is.

I know I’m just full of shiz. But yeah, along with my hair that just isn’t behaving normally and my developing double chin, I just felt so bleeeeeh. Not that my husband agrees, so there’s that 😀

My oblique felt better and I started exercising again. But I decided it was best to modify my side planks too.

My eczema flared again, but luckily on its favourite spot, my left hand between my ring and middle finger. I got it under control quickly but it felt quite leathery. My scalp also appeared dry, but not too itchy.

I was afraid to try it, but I decided to have a cup of green tea and felt fine! I can confirm that the occasional cup of green tea or coffee still doesn’t cause nausea anymore. But eating like I used to is a no-no. I get so full so quickly. One day that week we went out for pizza and then had some ice cream as we walked next to the beach, but wow! And I didn’t even eat the whole pizza! I had four slices.

Standing started becoming a lot harder around this week. Depending on how hot it is, whether I’ve been walking, exercising, or sitting, I could only stand comfortably between 15 and 30 minutes. Trips to the mall that used to be nothing, result in me rushing to get home and just sit with my feet up. This makes my husband who really doesn’t like going to the mall very happy. The going home, not my sore feet.

I also would get cramps in my calves. I thought it was a lack of magnesium, so I started supplementing. But after a few days, it would happen again. Especially in the morning when I would stretch out my legs as I woke up. On the upside, I got a few nights of decent sleep in.

I started feeling the boys more and more, and even actual kicks now and then, although one day I felt less and freaked out. But by the evening they were happily moving around again putting me at ease.

My mind was also all over the place during this time. Pregnancy brain is quite annoying. I’m always a little scatterbrained and absent-minded, but wow.

Week 19

One of the borrowed pants, not very flattering at all. It’s not often that my butt is too small for something, I’m well endowed, but here we are.

This week, my husband got to feel the babies. They started kicking hard enough that you can actually see my tummy move.

He has been feeling my tummy whenever he can, and so sweet, he falls asleep with his hand resting on my tummy most nights.

I hadn’t really picked up weight the week before, but by this week I gained 0.5 kg. I never thought I’d be so happy to actually gain weight.

My pyjama shorts though, they squished. I started sleeping in one of Paul’s t-shirts since it was long enough to make a kind of nightie. But I hate my thighs touching and missed my shorts.

My tummy was growing a bit more. I had to make sure I applied my Happy Event cream in the afternoons because the itching was getting real. My navy dress that I bought from Shein started to look decent on me. I had enough tummy to fill it out now. It feels so weird in public, people’s eyes are just drawn to my stomach.

In fact, I was standing in line at Edgars, and one of the shop attendants walked past me and looked down and went awwww, his face full of joy, and he said, so cute! I almost thought he meant the handbag I was buying which was okay, but not super cute, but then finally my brain caught up.

I know, how could I forget I was pregnant. And to make it worse, they kept sitting on my bladder. Pregnancy brain. That’s what I’m blaming it on. Or just getting used to my new situation maybe? I’m still slow on the uptake. I’m not pregnant in my dreams. My brain is still catching up.

My appetite is finally kicking in. I still wasn’t ravenous, but just needed to eat a little more often. My ribs and tummy felt quite uncomfortable sometimes and them pushing upward after I ate didn’t always help either, but a girl’s gotta eat, and so I did.

I was also feeling a bit more emo this week. If people were too kind, men cried on the TV, animals got hurt, if I didn’t get my way, my eyes would leak tears. So annoying.

You can imagine my chagrin at tearing my trial contact lenses that finally arrived. After only three days! And by the way, the one for my right eye was too weak. I decided to just order that prescription anyway because the optometrist who did the retest told me this would be my last trial pack. The next time I would have to come in for an eye test and pay.

The receptionist refused to let me order if the prescription wasn’t quite right, a good thing usually. I said I would come in for a retest, but you know, my eyes had changed twice in the space of three weeks. So I decided to just stick to my glasses. Which work great, I don’t know why I can’t just get the contacts in this prescription.

But anyway. On Contact Lens Club who I usually order through, I couldn’t find a three-pack of normal lenses. I wasn’t prepared to order two six-packs since my eyes are two different prescriptions. So, as much as I hate wearing them, spectacles it is. And how on earth do all of you with glasses deal with the masks?! That was the most annoying thing of all.

I broke out a little along my chin, but not too badly. Might be that we started eating more junk. The wrong time to do it, I know. But I went from craving savoury to sweet. I try to keep it to a minimum, but my husband likes to keep junk in the house. My willpower is zero.

I also just felt really mentally tired and like I just needed a break. A holiday would have been nice, but it wasn’t in the cards. This is largely what was responsible for me taking a break from writing on here and my violin lessons. Listening to my body has become really important and looking after my mental health especially with crazy hormones is a must.

Well, there we go! I am so relieved to be back into my blog and email account and all that. It was driving me nuts! It’s times like these when I realise how bad the pregnancy brain really gets.

In the meantime, I am so happy about the weather warming up (we’ll see how long that lasts since I am warmer these days) and December! More specifically, Christmas. I hope there are no interprovincial travel bans since my in-laws are coming down. I’ve already started watching Christmas movies and put up the decorations on the 1st as is my habit, well, that’s how my family did it.

I will write week 20 and 21 soon. Keep safe and healthy everyone 🙂

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