Why I Went Back To Using Moisturiser and Fish Oil Capsules

I meant to write this post months ago, but my mind has been crazy occupied. Admittedly, I have way too much opportunity to be lazy. So I took those opportunities to just try to deal with the chaos in my head.

So, as you may know, earlier this year we tried for a baby and were doubly successful. But the two months leading up to that success, I went back to using moisturiser. Options that were relatively low in nasties but not 100% natural.

I also started taking a prenatal vitamin, and in the last month before success, went back to using fish oil capsules for omega 3.

I know, I’m supposed to be vegan. But in all honesty, I can no longer call myself that. Not because I don’t believe in the health benefits, environmental benefits, and being kind to animals, but because it just started getting tedious to keep avoiding certain things.

Meat smells soooooo good these days. I haven’t eaten meat, but we cheat on vegetarian junk like choccies, ice cream, my beloved and very much missed cheesecake and pizza. And well, fish oil capsules. We’ll have to see what my cholesterol levels look like to see if the weekend cheat meals are bad or not.

If anyone is disappointed by that, I’m sorry… kind of.

But back to my skin update. My skin feels amazing! And yes, I suppose maybe all the extra oestrogen in my body has something to do with it, but given that I experienced this change before I fell pregnant, I’m guessing it’s the moisturiser and fish oil capsules.

Using Facial Moisturiser

For a good few months, I went without moisturiser, detailed in part 1 and part 2. My skin did okay, but even when using essential oil concoctions, it didn’t fully help the roughness of my skin.

The sunscreen that I used daily (and will start doing again soon since the weather is getting warmer more consistently, yay!) wasn’t moisturising enough.

I think I clearly just have a bit of a skin barrier issue. To my disappointment, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, and even jojoba oil which is supposed to help for that, didn’t.

I knew pregnancy was likely to change my skin, so I bought lotions that were light with the thought that if my skin ended up drier, I would change over. My skin was a bit drier in winter and honestly, that facial wash which is supposed to be gentle still leaves my skin tight after a good clean.

What I’m Using and the Results

So I went with the Simple Light Moisturiser (not the SPF one) for nighttime and the Johnson’s Fresh Hydration SPF 20 lotion.

My skin felt more comfortable after just one use. Clearly, I needed it. By two weeks or so, my skin already felt smoother. I was pleased to find out that both these moisturisers worked well with my combination skin.

During winter and my first trimester, my skin seemed a bit drier, so sometimes I had to put on extra of the Simple moisturiser, but the Johnson’s worked great during the day. I didn’t feel it was necessary to switch to the heavier Simple lotion.

I since haven’t been able to find Simple moisturiser, not at my Dischem or Clicks anyway. So bought the Fresh Hydration night cream. Will let you know how that goes since I’m still using the last of my Simple moisturiser.

So here is a picture I took today. Yes, I realise this hairstyle was a mistake.

My phone was making everything look crazy so I had to move it back which may have made it not show as nicely. As in I had a bright pink chin and lips and really dark marks under my eyes.

But the main thing is that my skin is very smooth and soft. Yes, still got some acne and scarring and circles under my eyes because allergies are mean and it’s hard to sleep while pregnant.

The skin on my chest and back also feel a bit better, although the main improvement is my face.

Why I’m Using Fish Oil Omega 3

So, as a primarily plant-based eater, I experienced some anxiety over this. I worry about the toxins in fish oil. But I knew I would need to supplement with omega 3 regularly for the baby, which turned out to be babies.

Vegan DHA is pricey. To purchase that regularly would have been breaking the bank for me. It’s why I usually made do with buying it every few months, not taking it every day, and trying to be really good with my ground flaxseed.

What I’m Using and the Results

So I made the decision to take fish oil capsules. I’m using the Revite Double Strength capsules. I used that one before becoming vegan.

Within a week or two, my skin felt freaking amazing!

I guess I wasn’t getting enough. It’s so good, that I don’t know if I want to stop when I finish breastfeeding!

I don’t think I’ll take the leap and actually eat fish again, although some salmon sushi sounds wonderful. I’m happy enough to eat the vegetarian sushi, and I can actually eat that while preggers 😀 I just feel too sad that the fishies have to drown on air to die and hello, toxins!

Since June this year, I’ve exfoliated my face twice, and only because I was like, hmm, maybe it would help the acne which has become slightly worse with pregnancy. And when I say worse, I currently have 3 pimples, one of which is nodular. Beware of the pictures in that link if you’re squeamish.

I have been pleasantly surprised acne-wise. Some weeks are worse, but most of the time, I have very little acne. And for someone who has had acne since 11, believe me, I’m happy to deal with this little bit. My first pregnancy caused a lot of acne on my chin and I was worried that this would happen again, but nope.

The point is, omega 3 can help to provide moisture to your skin. I do believe it’s been helping immensely.

So, the combination of moisturiser and fish oil capsules have been like a magic bullet. Both of them are probably helping my skin to maintain the barrier. It’s a band-aid, I know. Well, the moisturiser anyway. But I tried, and this is what has helped.

Is my bank account happier, no. But my skin sure is which makes me happier.

What works for you?

Feature image by chezbeate from Pixabay

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