Week 16 & 17 Twin Pregnancy Update and Covid Vaccine Experience

I can’t believe how fast the time is going. I definitely look proper pregnant these days. I’m definitely a bit late with this post and I’ve been meaning to write an update about my skin too, but things have been crazy… mostly in terms of my brain. I’m already in week 19! Update to follow next week.

But here we go, better late than never.

Week 16

Week 16 baby bump

So this week, I was feeling quite anxious. I felt movement more on one side than the other and it was making me think all kinds of things like is the other baby still okay? What if he’s not growing as well as the other one and is all weak and overly small?

I could feel shifting movements as I had been since week 15, they were a little more noticeable, but still. More so on one side. I would just feel relieved whenever I felt movement in the centre or on the right.

My allergies were still annoying, especially if I skipped my twice-daily nasal rinse. I think they will just stay annoying. I kept getting water in my left ear which totally grossed me out and made me worry that I’m going to get an ear infection.

At this point, I could stand still for about half an hour without too much itching or crazy veiny feet. Workouts were going well, I just needed to widen my squats well enough to get down properly. But I started modifying my front planks by going on my knees. I still did full-on side planks. Walking as far as we usually did had become a little uncomfy as my feet get extremely hot. Near the end of this week, I had hurt my right oblique, the one I had pulled back in 2016. So I stopped exercising for a bit.

I went for an eye test since my contact lenses ran out. The prescription came out a lot weaker to my surprise. But unfortunately, my eyes felt quite strained with the new lenses. So I kept my old ones and used them and my specs instead.

By the way, baby brain hit me hard that day. She asked me what my date of birth was, and I said 1990, 1st of January. And only when she went “Oh, a new years baby, lekker”, did my brain go, uh, no. I then had the misfortune of having to say,”Sorry, but actually it’s 29 January. Sorry, baby brain”. Funny, but humiliating.

We started antenatal classes! The Mediclinic I’ll be delivering at offers them, as do most Mediclinics I believe. We knew quite a bit about the birth, natural (since I’d done it before), and c-sections because I had been researching them like crazy. Especially spinal taps and epidurals since this is what scares me most.

Paul has no issue watching graphic videos on either of these topics. He could become an OBGYN. Seriously. I would get out the room or read whenever he watched one of these videos. One night before bed he watched a c-section, they did not hold back in that video. When we watched the animated natural birth video at the class, I still wanted to look away. So glad I’m not doing that again. The animated c-section one was okay.

But ya, we learnt a little about hospital procedure as well and what the dads role is too during this week. We got two goodie bags filled with samples and a pregnancy journal with information in too.

The contents of the goodie bag
The labels on the samples

Another fun part of the evening was where the partners birthed a ping pong ball out of a balloon. Hence the balloon and ping pong ball. Paul was the only one that managed, or at least managed first which may be why the other two partners stopped trying. Anyway, after much laughter, we got a prize, I say we, because yes he won it but it was for me. A sample of Bio Oil and milestone cards 😀 I happily filled in what I could till then that same night at home.

Anyway, it’s quite early for antenatal classes, but watching Twiniversity has taught me to do things a little earlier than moms in a singleton pregnancy would, just for comfort’s sake. I had thought the classes would be in November, but the customer experience manager put us in the October class since Paul insisted.

It was bitter-sweet for me, because October would be the last month that I would serve in the worship team at church. When the option came up to put in availability for November, I asked Paul his opinion. He thought I would be too big to play my guitar or the bass. I didn’t, but conceded that standing still for long periods of time as I would during the practices would be uncomfortable.

So we bowed out and had the pastor in charge find replacements for us. I was a bit upset since I love doing worship, but Paul insisted despite me telling him I would be fine, it’s a class made for pregnant women 😂 I am blessed to have a husband that thinks of my comfort at least.

So the other two couples (we were only 3 couples instead of 8 due to covid regulations), were 32 weeks and 37 weeks respectively. I felt like I may be judged a bit, but nope, everyone was very nice.

As for when I will play in the worship team, I hope by 6 months postpartum, but somehow, I think it may be longer than that with twins!

Week 17

Week 17 baby bump

I don’t think I grew too much extra and the apps had the babies at the same size for two weeks in a row. I guess they just don’t grow too much during this time.

I visited my gynae, the one we had chosen to be with and we are both happy with him. He was dressed like Doc from Virgin River, so I instantly liked him. Weird, I know. He explained everything nicely and was patient with all my millions of questions like can I use antiperspirant, can I use the mosquito wall plugs, am I eating enough, the covid vaccine, whooping cough vaccine, etc.

My eating was another thing that worried me. I thought I would be ravenous. I was not. He said that’s fine, my body would let me know when I needed food. And I am gaining weight. I had gained 5kg so far.

We got to see the babies on the sonagram again. The relief at seeing them move and hear their heartbeats was immediate. At one stage while I spaced a bit, Paul was like, the one is kicking the other one. And the doc was like, yes, he’s kneeing the other one in the head. I was like 😯😯😯 can they hurt each other!? Luckily, the doc said no.

It seems he will be doing a scan every time to check my cervix (to be sure it isn’t shortening which indicates dilation) and to check on the babies. So while that may up the expenses more, I will be experiencing anxiety relief every month at least.

My eczema came back. But on my left hand between my middle and ring fingers where it usually likes to flare for some reason, not my head thankfully. By the end of the week, I had gotten it to calm down using Dermikelp and Cetoderm, but my skin still felt thickened and rough there.

This was also the week that I went for my covid vaccine. More on that soon.

This week in antenatal classes we learnt about breastfeeding. This I found very helpful. I had been reading up on it, especially tandem feeding for twins, and about pumping breast milk, but still. The info given was more than I had learnt on my own.

The one mom started labour that evening! When we finished the class for the night she was going to get checked out because she got her bloody show the evening before. All in all, an informative and exciting class.

I went for a retest for my vision and it turned out that my prescription had changed very slightly. So what happened with that first test, an error on my part or the optometrist’s part, or whether my eyes changed an hour after that initial eye test, I don’t know. Either is possible.

They didn’t have the right trial lenses for me so had to order. I kept on wearing my old contact lenses, but I was willing to risk it since they were only about a week overdue by then and I hate wearing my specs.

Why I Got My Covid Vaccination

So, you’re probably in one of two camps at the moment. Either the “hell no! Pregnant women should not get the vaccine! or the “Of course pregnant women should get the vaccine!” camp. Well, I guess there is a third camp, the “Do it if you feel it’s right for you” or “Don’t do it if you feel that’s right for you” camp.

Believe me, I have heard plenty from both the for and against camps.

It was a really stressful decision for me. I don’t trust the vaccine. I know that sounds contradictory considering I’ve gone. But hear me out.

It’s not that I think it’s the mark of the beast or the great reset or they’re putting chips in our arms or I’m going to get crazy seizures forever. I don’t even truly believe all those who got it are going to die in 3 to 5 years, although I guess we’ll see right?

It’s that right now, or at least before getting pregnant, I was healthy, had a strong immune system. I very rarely get sick and when I do, it’s not serious at all. The thought of taking something that could give me heart inflammation or blood clots or Guillain Barre syndrome was not very appealing. These are very real side effects, and although they are in the minority and death very rarely happens now since we know what to look out for, deaths have occurred.

The doctor who performed our very intensive scan told us that the vaccine doesn’t pass to fetuses and that the vaccines are safe. The serious side effects are in the minority. But of course, that is what they’re all being made to say.

So I spoke to my gynae and he also told me those same things. Before I saw him, I had read a very sad story on the forums, a mom who had lost her twin girls at 26 weeks due to complications with the placenta from covid. That scared me hugely.

I decided to research for myself about whether or not the vaccine gets to the babies. This is the article I came across. I looked at the study as well that they mentioned proving that the vaccine never travelled to the unborn babies of moms who were vaccinated during pregnancy.

This put me at ease quite a bit and after the go ahead from my doctor, I went and got the Pfizer injection. I decided to get this one, since you can choose what you want at Mediclinic, since at least the risk of blood clots is a lot lower with this one as opposed to Johnson & Johnson. I just kept worrying that I would get a clot in the placenta and not realise in time.

The Jab and Side Effects

On the Tuesday, I went. I was nervous as all heck. The nurse at the entrance even asked me if I was okay! When I freak out big time and don’t feel pressure to hide it, it’s as obvious as daylight.

The nurse who gave me the injection was excellent. She chatted to me to help me relax a bit and I barely felt a thing. My arm felt a bit weird after but for the first few hours, that was it.

As time passed, my arm became a bit swollen around the injection site and it hurt there too. I was relieved to feel the babies move a few times during the day too.

By the evening, it felt like I just used that one muscle to do a lot of exercise, and then someone came and punched me repeatedly in that one spot. But it wasn’t excruciating and I could still lift my arm and sleep on my left side (I got it in my left arm).

The next day it was still sore but it kept getting better and by the Thursday (day 3), my arm was fine. And that was all that happened. Babies still moved enough that I could feel them two or three times a day.

Johnson & Johnson Jab

Paul got this one the day after I got my Pfizer shot. He felt weird in the arm, but not sore. He was tired by the afternoon and by early evening, he said he felt weird on his right side and his right hand felt like someone was poking him with a hot needle. He got the jab in his left arm too. It freaked me out a little, but he seemed okay.

We don’t get sick badly as much as we rarely get sick. So when he started getting chills and shaking and getting fever that evening, I was freaked out, especially about the shaking. I Googled saw the shakes were common and that people were fine again usually by the next day.

He felt weak, woozy, and feverish until the next afternoon. Luckily by Thursday late afternoon the fever had gone and he felt well enough to attend the antenatal class with me.

He was headache the next day though and spent part of Friday working in bed again. But he felt better by Saturday aside from a headache again.

Well, that’s all for those two weeks. I will post an update about my skin which I should have done about 3 months ago already and of course, my 18 and 19 week update.

We have the anatomy scan on Wednesday, so looking forward to that. Not too stressed since I can finally feel them kicking. But more on that next week!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great week next week!

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