3 Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Face for 1 Minute… And Did it Work for Me?

Last year I shared some discoveries I made about caring for my skin from the outside. It’s still true that the main issue with my skin is my hormones rather than what I am doing on the outside.

But I found that some things can be managed to a certain extent by how you treat your skin on the outside.

In my first post on going moisturiser-free, I mentioned that I had nasty pores. I use my DIY oil which has a grapeseed oil base and is good for combination and acne-prone skin. My sunscreen is safe for acne-prone skin too. But I guess skin exfoliates itself and pores get clogged.

In the post about caring for my combination skin, I mentioned that leaving Dove soap on my face for a few minutes took care of most of the roughness and clogged pores.

The thing is, that every day I have rough skin and clogged pores on my nose and chin.

This got me thinking, if leaving Dove soap on my face for an extended period of time works like a mask, shouldn’t I just be washing my face longer every day? Of course, as I do, I researched it and it turns out it’s actually a huge thing that has been in beauty circles since late 2018.

Yes. I live under a rock 😂 at least it seems that way a lot of the time.

The tweet that started this whole thing.

To be fair, there is no scientific study that states you have to wash your face for exactly one minute, but it seems like a reasonable amount of time for most of us.

Reason #1: Cleaner Skin and Pores

This seems like a no-brainer. Duh, this is why we wash our faces right? But washing your face for only a few seconds doesn’t get the job done as well as you may think.

Ever left a towel with a bunch of foundation or black streaks from your leftover eyeliner? It’s not because you didn’t use makeup remover.

There’s a reason why we need to wash our hands and really make sure that we wash every part of our hands, even our nails, during this covid pandemic.

20 seconds allows more germs to be washed from your hands than only a few short seconds.

Massaging the cleanser all over your face for a minute gets it into your pores properly and actually gives you time to do your whole face.

Hands up if you’ve ever been guilty of leaving the edges of your face or nose out during a quick clean… Don’t worry, what happens in this little circle of trust stays here 😜

Reason #2: The Ingredients Need Time to Work

In this video, Nai, a.k.a La Beautyologist explains that the active ingredients in your cleanser take a while to work.

This likely also includes those ingredients that deliver antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to your skin too. It makes sense that exposing them to your skin for a minute or two is better than 10 to 15 seconds.

Reason #3: It Improves Circulation

There a technique called face slapping which results in radiant skin thanks to improved blood circulation.

In my opinion, a nice relaxing facial massage would do much the same, and it’s a lot less jarring.

When you wash your face with your fingers, you are essentially massaging your face. No slapping required.

Good blood circulation ensures that nutrients are getting to your skin from the inside out. Your skin will also look healthier.

I have actually been enjoying this part of the washing my face for a whole minute. It feels nice.

Has it Worked for Me?

Yes and no.

It works well enough that I have continued to do it. If you’ve ever tried this and you’re impatient like me, you’ll know that that minute feels like a lifetime.

What I Wash My Face With Matters

The number one thing I noticed was that I don’t have panda eyes. I always used to have panda eyes on the days I wore makeup after showering. I thought it was due to crappy face wash.

To be fair, washing with Dove, which I do when I need a more intensive clean, I come out of the shower makeup-free. So, hmmm.

I am currently using the Clicks Skincare Collection Rooibos & Anti-Oxidants Facial Wash Cream. It’s gentle, non-drying and formulated for combination skin.

But I need to wash over a minute if I want all the eyeliner and mascara gone. Dove is a bit drying on my facial skin, so I do prefer to use the face wash.

My Pores May Need More Intensive Help

People with oily and combination skin will probably understand me quite well here. Excess oil is the enemy of pores.

My skin has been a lot worse this year because my hormones have been more out of whack than usual. During my PMS time over the last two months, I’ve had an oil slick in the T-zone area that caused pimples on my forehead. I had to go back to blotting my face at least once a day again.

You just can’t be washing your face multiple times a day since that will irritate and strip your skin. Neither can you wash away your hormones. If only.

So my pores were clogged by morning again. In fact, when it’s really bad, I still have clogged pores even after washing for a minute. Maybe I need to do a 2-minute stint rather?

I’ve been cleaning my face with micellar water in the morning for the past few days, and it seems to be somewhat helpful. Of course, micellar water isn’t going to be deep cleansing. But I just don’t have the patience to wash my face in the morning for a whole minute too.

There’s definitely less of an issue when my hormones are behaving. I still need to leave the Dove soap on as a mask and exfoliate my skin once a week, but that’s just life.

No Change in Acne

I already expected that. It’s definitely a hormonal thing.

But even with the extra pimples because of the oil this month, my skin was still relatively clear compared to the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020.

As stated before, I noticed an improvement when I eat cleaner and exercise regularly as well as try to manage my stress better. So I just need to be better about those things consistently is all.

Can You See a Difference?

Taken 23 Jan 2021
Taken two days ago

I think not. That might be because the quality of the images aren’t great. The beauty is set to 0 and even then my freckles often disappear depending on the lighting.

But even when I look up close in the mirror I can see no major difference. It’s more in what I can feel. There is less roughness and fewer clogged pores.

I would declare that a success. Who knows, maybe my breakouts would have been far worse if not for the extra long cleaning time.

Have you tried washing your face for a minute or more? Did you see an improvement?

Feauture image by cottonbro from Pexels

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