Do We Really Need To Use Moisturiser- Part 2

Finally, part 2. I diligently carried on with the new routine of just washing my face and swiping on micellar water afterwards.

By the end of week 2, my hormones had a field day. I broke out quite a lot along my chin, jaw and with a few on my forehead.

The photos caught the beginning of this and the angle of my face doesn’t show my jawline so you can’t see the worst of it.

Note that during this time, the only makeup I ever used was eyeliner and on one of my random “I just feel like it” days, lipstick. No concealer.

My acne issues are definitely hormonal.

One thing I noticed My face was shiny even after I just washed it.

There was definitely no oil. I guess faces just shine. So after that little disclaimer, here we go.

Day 10

no moisturiser, moisturiser-free

My pore strips and mask helped a little bit. But at this point, I am dying for a facial.

The oiliness is still there. I still need to blot late afternoon.

But honestly, the tight feeling isn’t so bad, neither is the oiliness. You can see I still get dark under eye smudges. I miss my concealer.

Day 12

no moisturiser, moisturiser-free

Apologies for the poor lighting. This also is not my best angle 😛 My skin at this stage was getting oily enough that I had to blot twice during the day.


Again I noticed that if I skimped on the water and herbal teas, my skin felt tighter.

Day 14

no moisturiser, moisturiser-free

Two weeks of no moisturiser. I did it!

As I had mentioned in part 1, it can take up to four weeks to get your skin to regulate itself.

But I can already tell that my facial skin is doing well, moisture-wise.

A Month

no moisturiser, moisturiser-free

Well, it’s not quite a month. But almost there. I have a confession to make.

One day, after being in a mask for two hours, my skin felt really sore. So I put on a very thin layer of moisturiser. This was in week 3.

I also used sunscreen on two occasions, this past Sunday and Monday.

We were going to be in the car for a while on Sunday and the sun was at UV index 3 and streams in.

It actually made my skin less oily!

I used Avon facial sunscreen. It’s not an oil-based formula. The chemicals in it aren’t great though 😦 I am sad about that, I am an Avon addict.

I will use the money I save to get a non-comodogenic mineral sunscreen safe for oil/combination skin.

So, I repeated it on Monday hoping for the same oil control.

The sun blazes into our office during mid autumn and winter and hits me on my right side, practically blinding me.

I’ve been using my hat I usually wear to the beach tilted at a fabulously jaunty angle… balanced precariously over my headphones… it falls a lot.

The UV index is also 3. Enough to burn you if you have fair skin. I’m not super fair skinned being in the light-medium category, but my face still burns fairly quickly.

Sadly the oil control was not to be repeated.

My skin became twice as oily as normal. But on the upside, I didn’t need any moisturiser that night.

Yip. You read right. Another confession…

I decided that since I have to put micellar water on, which only slightly helps, and it’s a cleansing product, why not just use my moisturiser.

I have been putting on just a little on the nights I need it for the past week and a half or so.

I literally just just dab my finger in, rub my hands together, and pat my face. Then I spread the left overs on my neck and the back of my hands.

My skin feels the same in the morning as when I don’t put on. I still require no moisturiser during the day.

My back and chest started getting painfully tight and slightly itchy around week 3.

So I started using moisturiser, albeit a lot less, on those areas again.

The Benefits of No Moisturiser

no moisturiser, moisturiser-free
Bonus picture, because, at this stage, what the heck 😂: Half my chocolate mask plus half Montagne Jeunesse Anti-Blemish mask.

So, it’s probably my fault for not going for the full 4 weeks. But here is the list of benefits I wanted to see:

  • Skin like a baby’s!
  • Fewer pimples
  • Smaller pores on my forehead
  • Happy pores free of debris
  • Better skin texture in general
  • No flaking skin
  • A happier bank balance

Did it Work?

  • My skin is not like a baby’s
  • My hormones hate me, so as expected, the pimples are still there
  • My pores are still big
  • My pores are still sad, but they take longer to fill up with debris. I think I need a facial to really clear them out.
  • My skin texture sucks! But I believe that is my fault, don’t over exfoliate people. Just don’t!
  • Less flaking skin at least 😁
  • My bank balance is indeed happier 😀

2.5 out of 7. Hmmmm. Time for a new game plan. Well, a continuation of this one with an additional plan of attack.

Operation Fix My Face- Commence!


  • Malfunctioning skin Barrier
  • Hormonal acne
  • Uneven skin texture

Game Plan:

  • Repair skin barrier (this will take care of my skin texture too)
  • Balance my hormones

I will be putting my full game plan in the next article. But it will also involve some sunscreen.


Sunscreen is important, even if you are indoors. It sounds crazy, but hear me out.

You can burn through windows. They don’t reflect enough of the rays away.

Other surfaces reflect the sun, so you are exposed more. This includes sand, the road, and even snow. Yip, you can get sunburn from snow if the UV index is high enough. Crazy.

Sunscreen Isn’t Always Necessary

As a caveat, I need to mention, that if your UV index is 2 or below, don’t worry. And if you only have about 10-15 minutes of sun exposure during a moderate UV index, it’s not necessary.

Don’t hate the sun.

It gives us vitamin D and improves our mood. In fact, during winter I take a vitamin D supplement because I wilt like a sad little flower without sunshine and warmth.

Ah, summer, I miss you already.

But keep it between 10 and 30 minutes two to three times a week. Wear sunscreen the rest of the time or just stay out of the sun.

If you are fair skinned, 10 minutes is all you need. If you are very dark skinned, 30 minutes is more likely what you need.

What is the UV Index?

The UV index indicates what the risk of burning is on any given day. It fluctuates with seasons, cloud cover, and where in the world you are.

For example, some parts of the world have a low UV index even in summer because of the angle of the sun.

You can check it every day on most weather apps and government websites regarding the environment.

Here is a precise breakdown of what each level means:

  • 0-2 (Low- Green): No protection needed
  • 3-5 (Moderate-Yellow): SPF 15 needed, wear a hat
  • 6-7 (High- Orange): Use SPF 30, keep covered
  • 8-10 (Very High- Red): Do I need to say more
  • 11+ (Extreme- Violet): Danger, danger, danger!!!!!

All in all, I think I am going to continue using moisturiser as little as possible.

I’ll use sunscreen regularly, especially if my hat annoys me too much. And maybe eventually, a serum for night time.

It’s more clear than ever that my skin issues are an inside problem. It’s time to get serious. In lockdown it’s harder than ever.

My shrinking jeans will attest, I have been eating with wild abandon and exercising too little.

Okay, okay. It’s me expanding, not my jeans shrinking.

Instead of looking at it as a prison sentence, I should be looking at it as a time of cleaning house. Literally and figuratively.

With lockdown restrictions shifting to level 3, I am looking forward to two things. Wine!!!!!!!!!! and being able to go for walks whenever I want. It is cold outside these days, so sigh. But the warmer days, I will be outside taking advantage.

Have any of you tried going moisturiser-free?

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