Easy Festive Season Fitness Tips

Hi everyone

Hope you all have had a great Christmas so far? It’s been a great festive season so far seeing friends and family and eating a lot of yummy food, both healthy and not so healthy things. It’s holidays and we’re just taking it easy all round so this post is going to be short and sweet.

We don’t have a pool at home, so I have been swimming every chance I get. If you live in a warm Christmas country, this is a great way to keep cool and get in some exercise that’s easy on the joints. But what else?

Easy Holiday Exercises

  • Go for walks
  • Body weight exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and squats (very little space needed)
  • Touch football or rugby
  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Play outside with the kids
  • Sledding if you are in a snowy Christmas area
  • Ice skating
  • Skiing
  • Build a snowman
  • Make snow angel

Scheduled exercise is great, but when you’re relaxing or on the go, doing activities that naturally get your heart rate up and are fun at the same time is a great way to do get some exercise in.

Happy New Year in Advance!

2018 has sped by. I can’t believe 2019 is 2 days away! This year has had many ups and downs, but overall, I think it’s been a good year personally with work picking up and many good times shared with friends and now family too.

Arrive Alive

I hope you all stay safe and responsible on the roads. Need I say it? Don’t drink and drive. We all want to have fun, but remember that you can still have fun without driving drunk.

I’m sure that we are all in a rush to be somewhere this festive season, but remember that shaving a few minutes off your travel time isn’t worth it either. Have fun and let’s all see 2019 together 🙂

Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas season. This special time is for everyone from every walk of life to remember to live a life of love and to appreciate all that we have.

May 2019 be an amazing year for each of us!


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