We’re halfway through January!

Well, just over half way. Can you believe it! Time is certainly flying for me. Last week was my first week back at work, well, to work, since I work from home. It was rough! Waking up a little bit earlier, sitting down and having to actually concentrate for a couple of hours at a time, deciding to jump back on the healthy wagon… yeah… hard.

But it has definitely gone a little bit better this week, not amazingly, but good enough. Our sleeping patterns are still a bit out, but I have gotten back to exercising slowly, and I am doing my work a little more productively than I did at the end of last year and certainly last week!

How are my goals going?

Well, working again means less time for some of my goals, (the first week of Jan was lovely), but I have been fitting them in:

  • Violin: Oh my word. I apologise profusely to all my neighbours. I have a mute which cuts the volume by half which is great, but I still worry they can hear me. I am not so terrible at it that you can’t hear what I am playing but trying to do vibrato… I apologise to my loving husband too!
  • Better cooking: Nope, not going. I don’t like cooking, so actually getting so far as to try when my husband is willing to do it… I figured better cooking = more enjoyment, in case you were wondering why I even made this a goal. I did bake some chocolate banana muffins and banana bran muffins. They came out okay but they were from premixed packets! Healthy brownies for my birthday at the end of the month? I’ll start baking from scratch then!
  • Improving my guitar skills: Well, I did my scales a few times. I am also going to pick up the bass from church this week to start practising that. I want to play bass in the band this year. But yes, more diligence is needed big time.
  • French: I am trying really hard! It’s coming along very slowly, it’s so different from English and Afrikaans, in my opinion anyway, that it hurts my brain sometimes :p
  • More money: Well, that hasn’t gone too well either, but I am applying for more work and looking at other things that can bring in money. I find that I am afraid to apply for more work, I think it’s because I don’t want to fail, but I am going to bust through that wall of fear… or at least slowly dismantle it brick by brick.
  • Teaching fitness classes: I have not even practiced, and my fitness is coming along slowly. Once again, it’s an issue with fear. When I wrote this post, I was speaking to myself as well as to all of you, but I don’t seem to be listening. I honestly believe in what I said but it’s easier said than done. But, I resolve to believe in myself more!
  • Doing things I love: I have been to the beach, we have been going for walks in the forest, I have even started dancing for the length of one song before I start working, which is fun! I have spent time with friends. I am reading, and I am learning, and I am watching series and I had a glass of wine the other night, so this is going great!
  • Mindfulness: I am getting better at it for sure. The more I practice the easier it is to do I found.
  • Meditating: Still a work in progress, I have a very, very busy mind. But I am getting better at it too.

What’s better, rushing in full speed ahead or taking it slow and easy?

Most people in January are working hard and going full speed with their goals or New Year’s resolutions, but keeping up that pace could result in burning out quickly. This is especially true if you have unrealistic expectations. But some goals work really well with that kind of enthusiasm and for some people, this strategy works well.

Going slow can obviously leave a lot of room for procrastination, I fall into this category quite easily. It also takes a long time for things to things to come to fruition. That can become very demotivating.

It’s probably better to be enthusiastically pushing at a moderate pace :p I maintain that the only way that you actually fail though is if you give up. So if you are also lagging behind with some of your goals, keep going, even if it’s slowly. It can be hard to get into the swing of things, so pace yourself, do what you can, and believe in yourself 🙂

If you haven’t set any goals yet for this year, why not start today?


What goals did you set for yourself and how are your goals going?


    • It certainly is 🙂 I’ve found that looking at my list, or in my case, pictures that represent my goals, it helps to keep me motivated and determined. I do slip though, my weekends are forever times of laziness X_X

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  1. Great post … relatable esp in mid-Jan. I would have loved to be able to hear you practice the violin … All the best tackling French…i had a similar goal over an year ago … Fitness is your thing – i doubt the holiday made a dent 😉

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