Early Merry Christmas

Hi guys

I know it’s early, but Merry Christmas! My husband and I are flying up to be with our family tomorrow. I can’t wait! I haven’t spent Christmas with family in 4 years and I really miss them every year. So I’m very happy to be spending Christmas with them.

It will be sad without my Oupa there, I was looking forward to seeing him, but it didn’t work out that way. But, I am so thankful for the family and friends that I have left. I hope that as you all go about your lives this last week or so of the year, that you all can reflect on the good times, and how you’ve overcome and learnt from the bad times.

If this Christmas is a time where someone you love is no longer here, or it’s just been one of those years where things just went wrong, be thankful that you have made it through. Life is tough, but it can be so wonderful too. I truly believe that God takes what is broken, what is perhaps ugly to us and makes something beautiful of it.

Whether you celebrate Chrismas or not, I wish you happiness and peace for the rest of the year. So enjoy what’s left of it, make the best of it, relax, have fun with the people you love and know that you are blessed.



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