Tips to survive Christmas and an update on my health and veganism

Hi guys

It’s been a while, sorry about that. Things have been a little hectic. I think it’s also just that time of year where everyone is screaming for a break! I had quite a few months of feeling really anxious. Changing careers and starting from scratch is hard. But I am glad that I am getting there 🙂 I can’t wait to take a break though!

My physical health is also getting there 😀 I went for my yearly screening and for the first time in 4 years, yes, 4 years, my cholesterol is in the healthy range. From 7.3 last year around September, to 4.5 at the end of November this year. This is the thing that I am the happiest about!

Another thing that I am glad about is losing some weight. I have dropped 5 kg since the end of July. I still have a poochy (what I call my lower abdomen fat, ladies, I know ya hear me :p) and my thighs and chicken wings are still there, but I have dropped around 2 sizes so I am really excited. Maybe one day soon I’ll have some abs… when I stop being lazy, December, you kill all my good intentions. Vegan Christmas mince pies anyone?

Our diet is a lot lower in saturated fat now (my cholesterol levels can attest to that) and our foods are more wholesome. Not that we don’t eat junk from time to time, you gotta live a little, but most of our food isn’t processed and is full of nutrients. So I think that definitely goes a long way in trying to be healthier, whether you are a vegan or a meat-eater.

Becoming vegan wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I get my cheese fix around once a month when we go to the Italian restaurant around the corner that has delicious vegan pizzas. The vegan cheese on them tastes pretty close to the real thing. The only thing is that I wish there was more variety for us to eat at these places.

But there are great restaurants, they’re just a bit of a drive from us, or we need to go Thai or Indian, which is not a problem, we just love Italian. Another issue is that people don’t really cater for you at events and gatherings, but I am used to that now and just don’t come hungry and it helps me to skip all the naughty things I would have been tempted to eat normally.

I am also really looking forward to Christmas, it’s the first time in 4 years or so that we’re spending it with our family, so I am literally counting the days.


I know that it’s a rough time of year for some, so here are my tips:

  • If you are missing someone this Christmas, be thankful for the people you still have. Enjoy the happy memories of those no longer in your life and cherish the blessing that they were. It will make Christmas with those you love around you more special.
  • If things are getting too much, everybody wants a piece of you so to speak, or rather, your time or money, you can say no at least some of the time. Think about what is really important to you, if it’s not that important or if you need to take a step back, say no.
  • Hate the human traffic jam and mad dash at the stores. Shopping during Christmas time sucks. Online shopping is definitely the way to go if possible. If not, just breathe, you will get through this.
  • Be safe, don’t drink and drive. Live to see another day 😉
  • If you hate this time of year, then rejoice in the fact that it only comes once a year.

So this was a bit of a mish mash of a post, if you’re still reading, thanks 😀 Stay happy and healthy and yay! It’s almost Christmas.

P.S. I wrote and released another e-book. It’s called “The Little Book of Reaching Goals”. I wrote it during a time where I was really struggling to reach mine. Everyday is still a work in progress, but I am getting there. I wanted to encourage others and help them if they were also feeling like today might be the day that they give up, or just didn’t know how to set goals. It’s available at your favourite e-book store, but it’s on sale at Smashword.


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