Happy 2017!

Hi everyone, and a very delayed Happy New Year 🙂 I took some time off blogging, things at work were a little crazy, I work part time for an e-commerce company and worked full time due to things being super hectic there. Things are still crazy, but I am back to concentrating on my career goals which lead away from there :p So hopefully I will get back on track and I am confident that I will make even greater strides this year. I have a lot to catch up on, I am not as fit as I was (which wasn’t that fit to start off with), and I haven’t practiced giving group fitness classes in so long, I need to do that if I am ever going to start teaching classes. I will work hard to accomplish the goal of teaching classes, which is a goal I carry over from last year, the breaking through the comfort zone part is the hardest!

I am not quite sure that I believe in making new years resolutions so much as setting goals for the year ahead. I always use the week leading up to New Year as a time to reflect on the year that we are leaving behind. What did I accomplish, what did I overcome, what made me happy, what could I have done better? I also use New Year’s Day and the week or two after that to reflect on the year ahead. What would I like to achieve this year, what should I do more of this year, what should I ditch, what can I do better this year? It’s a great time to do it, not to put the pressure of resolutions on yourself, but just because it is a time symbolic of starting fresh.

I can say without a doubt, my biggest goal this year is to face my fears. I have a humongous list. The thing about fear is that so much of it is all stories in your mind that aren’t even true or haven’t even come to pass. They have held me back from so much- pursuing my dreams, making friends, visiting places I love, doing things I love. In some cases it has made me hate the things I love just because I am so afraid of failing, or not being good enough. I am not saying that fear isn’t relevant to some extent, but it can become such an obstacle that instead of pursuing things with some caution, we don’t pursue them at all. It’s like being your own jailer if you think about it. I want to break free of my own imposed jail sentence.

Some of my goals this year are to start teaching group fitness classes, after getting fit that is :p I also plan to go to the beach more often, and not being so afraid to ask my current and new to join me, whether its the beach, a movie or out for coffee, or even shopping. I am also going to practice and hopefully become amazing at playing classical and jazz guitar, and violin- if people hear me while I still suck, so what? Everyone sucks in the beginning. I realise that this will mean stepping out of my comfort zone big time, and I know that sometimes I may fail, but you haven’t truly failed if you get back up again when you fall down. It also requires not being lazy! I am one of the laziest people you will ever meet, the couch and a good series or book are some of my best friends. It’s not wrong to rest, but it has its time and place.

There may be many reasons you have failed, or never even tried to reach your goals.But I want you to know and truly understand that “God don’t make no junk”. He has created you with so much potential. You have it in you to reach your dreams, you deserve to be good to yourself and to take the effort to become a better you, whoever that may be. Face your fears, don’t be defeated by obstacles, don’t give up, be kind to yourself, but also real with yourself. What are your goals this year?

Have an amazing 2017! Work hard, play hard, just enjoy life, and be the best you that you can be 🙂

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