Screw worrying about cellulite! … and other body boo boos.

So all of winter I had been looking forward to spring: balmy days and getting out of all my millions of layers! But the closer to spring I got, the more worried I became. I love wearing shorts but as the years have gone by, I have been getting more and more cellulite.

It started at the top of my thighs, barely noticeable, now it’s across my butt and all the way down to my knees, and it’s definitely noticeable depending on the light. I also have spider veins on my legs, the thin little purple ones.

I have been feeling terrible. So much so, that the other day, I went and looked for pics of celebs who have cellulite, not to go oh gross, and slander them or anything, but simply so that I could see that the people who are supposedly physically perfect, also have the same problems behind all that photoshop. As sad as it is that I did that, it worked.

I saw gorgeous women, young and old, thin and overweight, women who haven’t been pregnant and moms, all with a little bit of cellulite, or a lot, walking in bikinis, shorts, dresses, etc. Basically, being normal and having fun.

I also read a few posts and articles where a lot of celebs said how horrible they felt when people pointed out their cellulite and other flaws, and then eventually got over it. I think the media has been telling society that it isn’t okay to not be perfect for so long that many of us believe it.

Guys need to have abs and amazing biceps. Women must be skinny without cellulite or saggy boobs. Wrinkles are a no-no. Scars and stretch marks are bad too. But the truth is that no one is perfect. Even some teenagers have some of these issues. I had stretch marks on my hips since I was about 14. It happens as people grow.

It’s not surprising that I and a lot of other people are falling so short of the supposed mark. 

I often hate the fact that I am more cute than pretty, and I really want to be a sexy bombshell and see my husband’s jaw on the ground when I come strutting into the room. Yes, I am bothered by the fact that I am not these things in my own eyes, and sometimes it gets me down.

I often forget the fact that to me, what makes someone sexy, is them being confident and comfortable in their own skin.

So how does that not apply to me? The times my husband thinks I am sexiest, is when I exude confidence and don’t care how I look, even if that’s when I just woke up, or have crazy hair (my hair hates me, so it’s often crazy :p).

In fact, I remember a time when I struggled with my weight, and being on the wrong contraception for my body didn’t help, I kept gaining like crazy! I was moping around feeling gross all the time.

My husband told me once after one of my many little ranting sessions about my body, that he liked me so much better when we were dating and I didn’t care what I looked like (I was a baggy hoodie, jeans and tekkies/sneakers kind of girl with really frizzy hair).

My vanity is what makes me ugly.

Harsh, but totally valid, and that was after I started dressing in a more feminine way which I suspected he liked much more than the hoodies.

So when most research points to the fact that cellulite is a reality for most women, and even a few men, and that we can’t get rid of it. So why are we all so worried about it? So today, it’s a lovely day here, beautifully warm, and I am in my shorts. I am choosing to stop caring about my cellulite and spider veins, and just go out and enjoy my day 🙂

When it’s hot enough, I am going to go to the beach and not care about the stretch marks across my tummy. Life is way too short to worry about such trivial things. I hope that sharing my feelings about this helps you to go out and have fun.

Just be comfortable in your own skin.

Definitely be healthy, I am not saying that being unhealthy is okay. But what I am saying, is love yourself as you are and you’ll care enough about yourself to become healthy. Those things that exercise and healthy eating can’t help aren’t what makes you who you are as a person (neither are the things that exercise and healthy eating can fix).

You can take confidence in the fact that you are so much more than your scars, stretch marks, cellulite, varicose and spider veins, etc. Just go out and have fun and be the best you that you can be 🙂

P.s. Apologies for the poor quality of the pic today, I did what I could with my phone :p I thought that this was the perfect time to finally post a personal picture instead of one I downloaded from somewhere else. Also, I am a noob and it’s huge! sorry about that :p

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