I wanted to write on positive thinking, but I have already done that in my post Ideas on positive thinking. So instead I wanted give everyone some encouragement. Whatever is happening in your life right now, whether it’s good or bad, I want you to feel a little happier, more motivated and like your energy has been refreshed.

If that doesn’t work, I at least want to give you some things to think about that may help out. If you are feeling down, feeling happy, motivated and energetic may seem like the hardest things to do right now, but it is possible to see the good in any situation. I can only speak for myself, so here are some examples. Apologies for how dramatic some of it may sound, I get like that sometimes :p

When I felt useless, or like I couldn’t get anything right (i.e. stupid), I thought about times where things seemed impossible, but I managed to accomplish my goal eventually. My favorite time to think about was learning to drive. I couldn’t pull away without stalling the car unless I put my foot down and enthusiastically spun the wheels!

Every time I changed gears the car jerked badly or made this horrible sound as if the gearbox wants to die. I drove the long way around because I was scared of turning badly at the robot where the turn was wider and I had to pass other cars, my Dad hated that last one the most :p The more I practiced, the better I became at it. I have had my licence and been driving for 8 years now.

Or perhaps your world has come crashing down. I remember when my sister died. I felt like a piece of me was gone. I am mostly introverted, and needed quite a lot of time alone back then, but when she died, I couldn’t stand being alone. I have never felt so alone as I did in those few months afterwards.

I couldn’t believe the world out there still carried on when I felt like my world had stopped. But every day, I fought to get up and go about my day. Because we are all stronger than we know. We never want to have to endure these things and survive, we might not think we can. But I, along with many others, are proof that we can and will survive.

Whatever it is you are struggling with, family problems, school, issues at work, finances, the death of a loved one, you will make it through. Even if the situation is terrible and you think there can be nothing good about it, you can still learn from the situation. Perhaps how to do something better, or to stop taking what you have for granted, or even just learning how strong you actually are.

Try to keep things in perspective as well. It may feel like things are horrendous. Anytime I failed a test I felt like that. But there are worse things that can happen, and there are other people worse off than you. It’s okay to feel angry, hurt, sad, frustrated, hopeless, etc, but don’t wallow in those feelings forever. The bad times will pass, and good times will come around again.

Perhaps there is something that you have wanted to do for a long time now, but you are still too afraid to do it. Maybe it’s asking that girl out, or starting your own business, or taking up music lessons. Whatever it is, think carefully about it, make a list of pros and cons.

If you can live with any of the worst things that can happen, and you feel like the pros are worth it, go ahead. Some things may need some planning, and even back up plans, but if you really want to do it, go for it. Life is way too short to have it pass you by, leaving you with regrets.

On the other hand, things may be going great for you right now, but there might be this little voice in your head saying, it can’t last, or any moment now, something bad will happen. Squash that voice! Of course, we know that life won’t stay perfect, but when you keep thinking of all the bad things that could possibly happen, you end up dreading life.

You should be enjoying all the great things that are happening, not constantly worrying and stressing. So while you shouldn’t be living in some fantasy world thinking and believing nothing bad will ever happen, you shouldn’t be fixating on bad things. Just be grateful and enjoy this time in your life.

In conclusion, always seek out the positive things in life, the smile on a loved one’s face, how delicious that chocolate is, how good you feel right now, or how beautiful that tree is, etc. Looking for the good in life helps us to have a more positive outlook on life, and helps us overcome difficulties in life. Be an encouragement to others. When I lost my sister, the support of our church congregation, family, friends and colleagues meant the world to us.

In my life right now, the encouragement that I get from my husband, friends, and family help me to keep going on those days where it feels like an uphill climb and intensifies the joy I experience each day. I hope that this post encouraged you in some small way. I do apologise for the sad parts, but such is life. Remember that life is meant to be lived to the full, and we all have the strength to do that 🙂



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