When the going gets tough… keep on keeping on

So we are already almost through our first quarter of the year. Many of us would have started out with high hopes for this year. Some of us may even have stuck to the plans we made and are getting closer and closer to our goals. If you are one of those who are still going, well done! But lets face it, sometimes, things don’t always work out the way we want them to. Either we lose motivation, or unforeseen obstacles get in our way, or the ones we expected are trying our patience and slowly wearing down our determination. If you are struggling but still going, albeit it slowly or sporadically, keep the faith! If you have given up but have decided to give it a go again, well done and good luck!

What can we do to keep on keeping on though? We all want to achieve our goals. I think the first thing to re-evaluate (and yes, re-evaluating is important), is how badly you want this. What made you want to do this in the first place? If it was a change that was for someone else, it is likely that you won’t succeed, you need to want it for yourself as well. If it was for some superficial reason, e.g, you are studying towards your doctorate and your sole reason is because you wanted everyone to think you are smart or you wanted a huge pay cheque, but you actually dislike, or are severely bored with what you are studying, you will most likely under achieve or fail. Make sure that you had sound reasons when you started out, and do you still feel the same about achieving your goal? If not, what has changed? Why has it changed? Is it fear? Is it a real issue or is it just an excuse because its tougher than you thought, or are you maybe walking in the wrong direction? Clearly define your goals and know why you want to achieve them and how badly.

You also need to make sure that the goals that you set for yourself were actually reasonable. If you expected to get from obese to having clearly defined abs in the space of a month, that was not reasonable! With everything you do, you need to make sure that the goal is achievable. Whether its that you are going through a career change, or perhaps you are studying, or trying to better your health, or trying to mend broken relationships in your family, or saving for a new car, whatever it is, the goal needs to be achievable, and have a reasonable time frame in which to complete it in. Make sure that it is still challenging, because if you are bored, or its too easy, you will lose motivation, but make sure that it isn’t so challenging that you are constantly frustrated, or end up feeling stupid, or like this is never going to work. Have faith in yourself, and know what works best for you. You can even set mini goals working your way up to your main goal, it’s less overwhelming when we take things one step at a time.

When obstacles get in the way, they can put a lot of stress on us. Especially ones we didn’t expect. In all honesty, this is what I am struggling with, and if you are like me, every now and then you go a little cray cray, freak out, eat some chocolate, procrastinate, watch way too many series and read too many novels, or choose going out over doing what you are supposed to do. Often during these times, the phrase, “go until you get a no” pops into my head. A video I once watched, had a guy telling the story of getting to the airport for a flight he was meant to get on, but realised he didn’t have his ID or drivers licence on him! Obviously he was freaking out, and thought there was no way they would let him on the plane, and he had no time to go back home and get it. He decided against what he thought at the time was good logic and reason (go home because they won’t let you through), and decided to stay in the queue, and try with the only thing he had to identify him, his Disney Land card, (I think, it was some membership card). Amazingly, they let him through. Sometimes it seems like there is a mountain in front of us, but have you ever tried going around, or maybe making the climb, perhaps you found a tunnel leading through the mountain or asked a friend with a helicopter for help :p Until you have tried a different way of doing or seeing things, you can’t say that you have tried. Go until you get a no.

A long post today (sowi). As much as I meant this to be encouraging to whoever reads it, I needed to see these words too. We all go through this at various times in our lives. But if we truly want to succeed and we do all that we can to achieve that, yes there is a chance that we may fail, but we could also succeed, we will never know unless we keep going 🙂Be awesome kitty



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