Finding motivation

So during the last few months, I have definitely fallen off the wagon a little. I recently had a bit of an “aha” moment. We all have values, but so often, despite having those values, the way we live sometimes doesn’t reflect them.

I think that sometimes we lose sight of what it is that is important to us, and why they are important to us.

By all means, I think a break is good. We all need a break now and then. Life does get in the way sometimes and we need to just take some time for ourselves. Some time just to relax, or regroup instead of just being on the go the whole time. 

Certainly, when life gets rough, a lot of us fall. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s when we don’t pick ourselves up again that it becomes a problem.

A big stumbling block for me last year towards the end of the year was that I was just not enjoying my job any more. In fact, I had never really enjoyed it, but as long as I was learning, I was stimulated enough to work without hating it.

But after a while, I had learned what I could, and the opportunities offering advancement weren’t appealing. I’m just not meant to be a manager and have no desire to be anyone’s boss.

I kept wishing I could do something else, more meaningful, where I can make a difference and where I am excited to get up in the morning. Why was I stuck doing something that wasn’t important to me… aside from earning a living, of course 😛? Another huge “aha” moment.

We all struggle with motivation sometimes, we struggle with laziness, tiredness, fear of failure, fear of responsibility and sometimes we’re over burdened by everything else going on. There are many reasons we lose motivation.

But what it comes down to is deciding how important something really is in your life. How badly do you want to achieve that goal? Because that is the driving force.

Although I am pretty sure most successful people thoroughly love what they do, I am sure there are some aspects that they didn’t enjoy in getting to the top and staying there.

But the truth is that often what is required of us is pushing through and doing the nitty gritty things that we don’t like, so that we can achieve our goals. We may even love doing something, but not always feel like doing it every day. We don’t always want to put in the time and effort right then and there.

Decide whether you really need a break or whether you are just being stubborn.

So this year, I want to pursue what is important to me. Healthy living is important to me. Encouraging others to be healthy and to be the best version of themselves that they can be, is important to me. I want to become a more resilient person and still be kind towards others. Music is important to me, so I will practice playing my guitar, and I want to stop being so afraid to pursue what I love.

What is important to you?

Create an action plan to achieve those goals, and think of what you can do to reward yourself when you achieve them.

If something isn’t really important to you, should you still be doing that thing? Or is it just that you need to reconsider its apparent lack of importance?

Be the best you that you can be this year and don’t compare yourself to others. The world needs you, not a copy of someone else 😊

Featured image by Here and now, unfortunately, ends my journey on Pixabay from Pixabay

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