I am a believer that things would be better, both physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally if we achieve balance. Even things outside our bodies, like finances and social aspects would be better too. I have been striving to achieve balance for many years, and it keeps eluding me. Balance is no easy feat and it comes with a lot of self discipline. Something I am working on!

Up until recently I had also thought that balance was a standard thing across the board, meaning that I thought balance for me is what balance should mean for everyone. This is not the case and it comes down to once again knowing yourself. My husband had pointed out to me that not all people are the same and that what is good for one person may not be good for everyone. For example, I believe in working hard at work, but then I leave work at work, come home and it’s my time (which it is of course), to do various things that I want to do, not one of them having anything to do with my day job, within reason, there is only so much you can do! My husband loves what he does. He gets up and goes to work, and then comes home and does what he does at work, but his own work for his enjoyment. For the entire time that we have been married, just over four years now, 3 of it was spent harping on about how he will burn out and end up hating his work. But here he is, still going strong, doing what he loves with the majority of his day, and he is still happy and has no signs of burning out.

I still think that we all need to have a balance in our lives between work, family, friends, ourselves and various activities, sleep, and even in our diet, the way we use our money, exercise, and all the other things that us humans get up to. I once read that the standard is 8 hours work, 8 hours not working/ free time, and 8 hours sleep. If that is meant to be my week, I’m already laughing at the joke that is me attempting that! But I suppose it works out in the end if you count in your weekends or days off.

Basically, I think that the best is to have balance in the way that is best for your wellbeing, and your family. Not everyone needs the same amount of sleep, not everyone can handle spending a lot of time with other people, and while I think that it’s always best to constantly keep trying to improve yourself, I know that I’m tired after work and need quite a lot of relaxation thrown into the mix along with learning or exercising. We all need exercise unless there is a medical reason why you shouldn’t, but not everyone has the time or inclination to run for an hour, or do yoga for that time, or take a nice walk for half an hour, etc. Just because we all need to eat veggies and proteins and carbs and fats, I don’t believe we all need it in the same amounts as others.

Try to achieve balance, but make sure that its right for you. Your body and mind will tell you when it’s not working. You will see it in your relationships and at work. There are also other things to take in consideration, we obviously all have responsibilities that we need to see to, but that is where the balance comes into your life as a whole. I’m still learning to get it right. It is constant journey of learning, and testing and trying, and seeing what works out best 🙂

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